Tutorial Of Project United States

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Tutorial Of Project United States

Post  Josh_Sherwood on Thu Jan 03, 2013 4:16 pm

Project United States is a SA-MP Roleplay Server. Were players Act out a Character weather its being an criminal in the night life or all the way up to the Law.

We have things called "Factions" Which Generally, players will have to apply to be in that faction via the forums. (Here).
Our factions are:
LAPD - Los Angeles Police Department
USPD - United States Police Department. (Police work around the state and county)
USFD - United States Fire Department
USSD - United States Sherrif Department
CIA - Coming soon
FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation (Government Agency)

We also have a list of Jobs which players can get frequently via In Game.

Trucking - Delivers Products around United States
Lawyer - Helping people from going to jail
Mechanic - Drives around in a Tow truck receiving calls from players in need of a Vehicle Repair
Private Investigator - Helps people look for other people (Costs money)
Drug Dealer - Deals drugs
Drug Smuggler - Smuggles Illegal Drugs around The United States.
Body Guard - Guards players for money

Homes / Business

Our players can own up to 2 Houses, every house has an Different Interior. The types are Small, Med, Large.
Our players can also own 1 business, Which they earn income and high pay.


Players at P:US Can earn money from the paydays, (Every hour In real Life time)
It varies if you are an Law Enforcement Officer, You earn a lot for being one.
Citizen, They get around 5-10k from the government.

Player Levels:

Players can earn their level via /Buylevel. They have to have the right amount of respect points (Which you get from paydays - also playing hours)


Players who would like to play here will have to have a Real Life name, Example: John_Smith. NOT Something like: XxGamer-SkilzxX.

Thank you!

We are hiring Staff members! Upply on these forums.

Game Server IP:[img][/img]


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